Starting the game

Learn how to set up a new game and how each player starts the game.

Object of the game

Score the most points! You score points in the following three ways.

Claiming routes

When you claim the spaces on the board using shape cards from your hand, you earn points. See Claiming a Route for more info.

Completing tickets

When you claim routes that connect the cities on one of your tickets, you receive the number of points on that ticket. Incomplete tickets at the end of the game are subtracted from your score.

Longest Route bonus

At the end of the game, the player with the longest path of connecting routes receives 10 bonus points.

Game area

Your player mat

In the bottom right of your screen are your shape cards and tickets. When you want to play cards, do it from here. When you hover over your tickets, the cities you need to connect will be highlighted on the board.

Your mat shows your shape cards and tickets

Draw area

On the right are the shapes that you can pick from on your turn. You can also draw new tickets here as well.

Draw shapes, new tickets, or random cards


In the bottom left, you can track everyone’s progress.

Keep track of everyone's score throughout the game
Metrics of player's perfomance throughout the game