Playing a turn

On your turn, you can do ONE of following three things. Once you finish, play automatically progresses to the next player.

Your turn

Get used to key sounds

Drawing shapes

You can take up to 2 shape cards from the draw area. You can take any of the 5 face up shapes, or draw a random shape from the deck. If you take a face-up wild card first, then you don’t get to draw a second card. Once you draw a card, you can’t draw a face-up wild as your second. Note: if you draw a random wild card from the deck as your first card, then you can still draw a second card.

Drawing tickets

Draw more tickets. Click “Draw new tickets” to get more tickets. You’ll be shown three new tickets and you need to select at least one.

Claiming a route

To claim a route on the board, you must have a set of cards that equals the number of spaces in that route. You cannot claim partial routes or steal spaces occupied by another player.

Keep in mind unique ways to build routes

E.g. if you want to claim the 4-space red route from Sydney to Jakarta, you need a combination of 4 cards that are either red or wild.

To claim the route, select the color in your hand that you want to use. Eligible routes will be highlighted on the map, with wilds automatically applied.

Click a highlighted route to play your cards and claim that route.

Route points

Longer routes score more points, see below for how many points you get for each route length.

Route length determines points